Welcome to Wise Choice Boxing Training & Fitness

Wise Choice Boxing Training & Fitness offers world class professional boxing training for those who desire to eventually pursue a career in boxing and less intensive training for those who are seeking to get into top physical form.
Gaining its name from former world champion William Wise who today serves as the company president and CEO, "Slick" Willy as he was named by his fans in New York has been instructing people to make the "Wise Choice" in boxing for approximately 30 years.

  • Anyone sick? Go Boxing(at Wise Choice Boxing) tonight... I guarantee you'll sweat it out! Pedro
  • There is nothing else like it".. it's not for the whiny...be prepared to sweat more then u ever thought u could...be prepared to awaken muscles u never knew u had... it challenges your body, mind and soul. Silvia
  • I have successfully accomplished another goal of shaving off 32 lbs over the summer due to hard work, commitment and dedication. A special thanks to my trainer Willy Wise and Wise Choice Boxing Fitness and Training for excellent training. To get fit please make a Wise Choice today! Jane
  • Had an awesome workout with Willy at Wise Choice Boxing! Ashley

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