About Us
Wise Choice Boxing Training & Fitness offers world class professional boxing training for those who desire to eventually pursue a career in boxing and less intensive training for those who are seeking to get into top physical form.

Gaining its name from former world champion William Wise who today serves as the company president and CEO, "Slick" Willy as he was named by his fans in New York has been instructing people to make the "Wise Choice" in boxing for approximately 30 years.

An integral component of the mission of Wise Choice Boxing Training & Fitness is to restore passion to the sport, principal to the players and purpose to the youth who love the art of boxing. Those who make the "Wise Choice" for fitness are a special breed. Not for the faint of heart, the Wise Choice Boxing workout experience is one of the most high intensity, rigorous training routines available. Yet, for those who endure, in just a few short months, they can begin to see the results in the way that their bodies take shape and are sculpted like – a professional boxer.