IBF Contender Edgar Santana will enter the ring against current champion Lamont Peterson, Saturday, August 9, 2014 at the Barclays Center.

IBF Contender Edgar Santana will enter the ring against current champion Lamont Peterson, Saturday, August 9, 2014 at the Barclays Center.

The 2014 boxing predictions are in for the Lamont Peterson vs Edgar Santana fight. Santana, known by his New York fans as, “The Pride of Spanish Harlem”, with 20 knockouts to his name, will be facing Peterson this August 9th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Peterson will be defending his Junior Welterweight division title against the contender with 29 wins and 4 losses.

Channels who covered 2014 boxing matches are considering Santana to be a good contender for the light welterweight boxingdivision, with some even saying that he has the best opportunity to provide an interesting fight for Peterson. This is also considered to be the fight that will put him back on the map after losing in a supposedly easy match. Many are considering Santana’s present situation to be similar to the fight between light welterweight boxers Jerry Belmontes and Omar Figueroa who faced each other a couple of months back. At that time, Belmontes had just lost to Francisco Vargas, which made things hazy for his boxing career. On the other hand, boxing experts say Figueroa thought of Belmontes as a good choice and a very safe opponent. Belmontes unexpectedly won the fight, making it the best fight he has ever done yet.

Santana has lost a few years ago to Manuel Perez in a match that completely surprised the viewers. It could have given Santana better opponents and a greater chance to rise up the ranks. Perez didn’t have a good record to his name, though there is no doubt about his boxing skills. Many boxing experts completely crossed off Santana from their lists because of this loss. “Boxing commentators and so called experts are just people, and that’s the problem with people, they’re fickle. One moment they’re with you, the next minute they are against you. That’s why it’s best to ignore public opinion, it’s only as good as your last bout. Edgar Santana has had world champion potential for years, this weekend’s win will only quiet those people who wrote him off “, said fellow New York champion and former world champion Willy Wise.

The boxing match this weekend to determine the IBF light welterweight champion will truly be an unpredictable one, especially with Santana wanting to get back in the game and proving his abilities in the fitness sports. If he would take boxing preparations seriously, he could certainly be able to strengthen his physical condition to match Petersons’. It’s not all about physical fitness though. Santana also needs to prepare himself mentally so he won’t add a fifth loss to his records.

As for predictions for his upcoming fight against the division champion, there is no doubt that the fight will be interesting. However, it remains to be seen whether he can take the title or lose once again. Many favor Peterson, but Santana has the ability to fight and if he gives it his all, he might surprise everyone. Hopefully Santana holds his own against Peterson.

The predictions for boxing matches are in, and so far they are favoring the champion. This can quickly change as the game starts, depending on how Santana makes his move. Two opponents in a ring would have to assess each other and if Santana doesn’t learn Petersons’ attack before the other learns his, he would surely lose. Santana would have to do his best in the earlier rounds if he wishes to get a head start on Peterson even if he doesn’t win by unanimous decision. A weak start will only weaken his defense and help his opponent predict his movements. Santana is well aware of the odds that are against him and says he’s coming to leave it all in the ring, I feel they committed a big mistake and I’m going to be ready to lay it all on the line that day. I’m going to be there to fight, no doubt about that.”