Danny Garcia will defend his titles against Rod Salka in the ring at the Barclays Center on Saturday, August 9th.

Danny Garcia will defend against Rod Salka in the ring at the Barclays Center on Saturday, August 9th 2014.

Danny “Swift” Garcia takes a stab at further proving his worth as a boxer as he goes up against “Lightning” Rod Salka on Saturday, August 9, at Barclays Center. One of the most controversial matches in light welterweight boxing, Garcia admits that he expects Salka to give it his all at the match, but he has trained to expect everything and anything from his opponent and will bring all that he can to the table to add another win to his record. Speculations about Danny Garcia’s real talent as a boxer has been under scrutiny the past few months considering that despite his wins, his approach remained flawed with a lot of room for improvement. Garcia does admit that he has not stayed focused on his past fights, and has not been able to show his full potential. “I’m 100% focused this time”, Garcia says, “and I’m ready to do what I’m supposed to do.”

On the other side of the ring, Rod Salka says that he will remain the same kind of fighter that he has always been, and is fighting to win no matter what the stakes are. Salka states in an interview, “I am what I am. He’s the bigger guy, but it makes no difference to me at all.”

Danny Garcia’s last fight against Mauricio Herrera has kept the media, fans and other light welterweight boxers buzzing, considering that he won over a disputed majority decision. The boxing world has expressed their belief that Herrera should have won the match, and have been clamoring for a rematch to see who really deserves the victory. Because of this, Rod Salka is preparing to face a well-prepared Garcia. “He feels like he has something to prove, so I think we’re going to see the best Danny Garcia that we’ve ever seen,” he says.

The boxing match this week will not be about defending his WBC and WBA belts, and the matchup has been dismissed as a terrible decision the moment it was announced. His confidence in taking home the victory will not really do anything for him, as he has nothing to gain from it. Additionally, a struggle similar to what he experienced during the fight with Herrera could hurt his career even further, with his status and credibility as stake. Considering different predictions for boxing matches, it is still expected that the Danny Garcia vs Rod Salka match will end with Garcia taking home the win. Otherwise, any challenges that he may encounter in the ring would only prove other 2014 boxing predictions that question Garcia’s skills as one of the WBC champions.

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