W3Power Equipment is the official line for Wise Choice Boxing Training & Fitness Center Corporate and Franchise Locations

W3Power Equipment is the official line for Wise Choice Boxing Training & Fitness Center Corporate and Franchise Locations

One would not succeed in proper boxing training without the use of top boxing equipment. It is worth investing in the best boxing equipment for this kind of fitness sports considering that most of the equipment is meant to keep you safe. Choosing low quality fitness training equipment could mean feeling sore in certain places and even breaking a bone or two while working out. To make sure that you are properly protected while boxing, choose the top names in boxing equipment:

  • Everlast – Everlast offers professional training gloves that fit well on the hands so that each movement you make will be accurate. These gloves protect your knuckles, especially when you’re just starting to box and you don’t know the proper form yet. Everlast also has hand wraps for added protection.
  • Title – Title is another maker of professional boxing gear and gloves. Their gloves are made of high-quality leather that is durable and stays in place even when used regularly.
  • Shock Doctor – Professional fitness training would need mouthpieces that help protect your teeth from strong blows to the face. The company offers mouthpieces and mouth guards along with some cases for proper storage.
  • Meister – Hand-wraps are also the specialty of Meister, with their gel-padded wraps made for professional boxers. The gel offers added protection so that your hands will not feel painful after trying out boxing.

These big names when it comes to buying boxing equipment are your best bet when looking for something to use on your boxing routines, but that doesn’t meant that these are your only options. There is also W3P fitness equipment, which is one of your best choices. W3P offers:

  • Fitness clothing and apparel – You want to get the best clothes for boxing so that you can move comfortably. Get clothes that offer support and at the same time, makes you look good on the ring or while exercising. The best boxing gear can be bought from the W3P website.
  • Flat incline bench – This boxing equipment adjusts from a flat position to a 90-degree position through 9 adjustments. You can choose any position using the one-touch pop pine. It is perfect for both home and commercial setting.
  • Flat bench – This bench offers a 6-position back pad and an 8-position seat pad adjustment with a T-bar leg hold. It has shorter base frames designed especially for power racks, multi-press racks, and Smill machines.
  • Decline bench – This boxing training equipment adjusts from a declined angle to a flat position, giving you several different positions to cover on your exercise.

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Aside from these, W3P also has an upcoming equipment line geared towards providing you with everything you need to work out effectively. This new line has improved equipment that is perfect for home use, but can also be used in gyms and other sports facilities. You will need equipment that can fit anywhere. The new equipment line can be accessed via this website, and don’t forget to key in the code 5111592 upon check out to avail of more discounts. Take advantage of this discount while getting the best fitness equipment!

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