After the latest victory of boxing champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez against boxing star Erislandy Lara, speculations about his possible opponents in the future have started to arise. The famous boxer cemented the win after a split decision in his favor on their July 13 match at the MGM Grand.

As expected, both boxers believed that they won the match. “He has a great jab and moves around,” Canelo says, “I respect him but he has to learn how to throw more punches. Once he learns how to do that, we could do a rematch.” As for the opposing side, Lara still believes that the win was stolen from him. “I won this fight 100%,” he states, “I still have no respect for him, so I’m asking for a rematch.”

Despite this exchange however, there are no news yet if a rematch is brewing. This is where the guessing game starts, as names are being thrown around when discussion about who’s standing up against Canelo next. As early as now, Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions has dropped the name of Gennady Golovkin, something that Canelo would have to worry about.

Kazakhstan’s pride, Golovkin holds a 29-0 record with 26 of his victories done through knockout. His boxing techniques could be a true test of skill and talent for Canelo, as Golovkin has the reputation of striking the moment his opponent shows the slightest sign of weakness.

There has also been talk about throwing the huge Puerto Rico fan base to Mexico’s equally huge one, as Miguel Cotto’s name comes up as a possible opponent for Canelo. “Canelo could be part of the options being discussed for the next fight,” Gabriel Penagaricao, Cotto’s legal adviser, says. This is definitely something that Cotto needs, considering that despite his recent victory, the fact still remains that they did not reach the target pay-per-view audience that they were hoping for.

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated has also said that James Kirkland is a possible part of the list being considered to fight against Canelo. With these three names being waved around, Canelo has a lot of boxing training to do, despite having mastered how to win boxing matches. No matter how confident he may be in his own skills as a boxer, these three are not to be underestimated. Any of these fights would surely draw boxing fans everywhere to a frenzy, but it could also cause a big blow to Canelo if he becomes overconfident and buckles up in the middle of the fight.

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  • William Northan III

    Canelo vs Golovkin would be the match to see. This should be the altimate test to major stardom…for both fighters.