Formerly Lenroy Thompson, Cam F. Awesome is rebuilding his promising career that was stalled in 2012 while a team member of the US Olympic Boxing Team.

Formerly Lenroy Thompson, Cam F. Awesome is rebuilding his promising career that was stalled in 2012 while a team member of the US Olympic Boxing Team.

Many are curious as to which amateur boxers have the potential to become boxing superstars. To come up with a good guess, one has to consider the history of each of these boxing stars, look at their stats, and see whom they’ve been up against. Watching out for these amateur boxing champions will give you a good idea of how to be a good boxer. Some of the new gems in boxing are:

  • Cam F. Awesome – Born Lenroy Thompson in Uniondale, New York, he showed great promise in his amateur boxing training especially when he won a US title in 2008 and went on to grab the Golden Gloves in 2009. He was supposed to be one of the strongest contenders that the boxing world was watching out for in the London Olympics in 2012, but was given a drug suspension before the series. Working as a personal trainer in Kansas, he took on a new image as he went under the name Cam F. Awesome to try showing the world once again that he still has what it takes to make it to the professional boxing world.
  • Erislandy Savon Cotilla – Erislandy Savon grabbed everyone’s attention with his boxing techniques when he won the Youth World Amateur Boxing Championships in 2008, and the PanAmerican Championships in 2009. The Cuban amateur boxer has boxing in his blood after all, as the nephew of Felix Savon, another Cuban boxer. He went through some terrible losses, the worst of which was to Magomedrasul Majidov, who went on to become the World Amateur Boxing Championships winner in 2011. He still shows great promise however, and continuous training will definitely show that he has the ability to fight like a pro.
  • Magomedrasul Majidov – Hailing from Azerbaijan, this amateur boxer fights like a pro. As World Champion in 2011, he also showed his prowess against other popular amateur contenders like USA’s Lenroy Thompson and Kazakhstan’s Ivan Dychko in the AIBA World Boxing Championships in 2013, eventually taking home the gold.
2016 Olympic Hopeful Darmani Rock is already being likened to Riddick Bowe and Muhammad Ali

2016 Olympic Hopeful Darmani Rock is already being likened to Riddick Bowe and Muhammad Ali

  • Darmani Rock – As early as now, this 250-pound, 18-year old amateur from Philadelphia has been gaining a massive following. Enthusiasts are starting to place their bets on him as a possible representative of the USA in the 2016 Olympics, and he has been hailed as the next Muhammad Ali. Considering how fast his hands and feet are despite his size, he has the markings of a future pro.
  • Ivan Dychko – This 24-year old amateur boxer from Kazakhstan has showed great promise as the bronze medalist at the World Amateur Boxing Championships in 2011 and the 2012 Olympics. Although he has yet to win gold, his style and technique are enough to prove that he could become one of the great professionals with proper training and guidance.

Boxing is a kind of combat sports that isn’t just about popularity. To become popular, one will have to possess the skills needed to win a match first. These boxers to watch out for have already proven that they know how to train like a boxer, but it remains to be seen how they would use their individual styles in the ring.

Any person wanting to start as an amateur boxer and to continue into the professional category should find as many boxing tips as they can. Different boxing training techniques could also help you develop a unique strategy, one that your opponents haven’t seen before. Always remember, fitness training isn’t just about maintaining lean muscles—it’s about ensuring that you are at the peak of your physical fitness, and that means training all parts of the body. You will surely need all of them to perform well in the ring.

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