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One of the biggest names in boxing today is Floyd Mayweather. Also known as “Money May,” he is known to have an undefeated record in his 16 years of professional boxing. At 37 years old, that’s quite a record to have, and those who are interested in knowing the secrets to Mayweather’s success often look closely at his boxing routine. Apart from the standard training tricks that boxers do such as core work, footwork practice, punching bag routines, and sparring with boxing partners to stay in shape and get rid of unwanted water weight, what else goes into Money May’s training?

Mayweather is reported to be taking yoga classes—bikram yoga to be precise. According to sources, he turns up for his sessions in his Bugatti, and prefers having McDonald’s as his snack—unhealthy as it may seem. Boxers are known to have rigorous workouts that put their bodies to the test. This is their way of preparing for their matches where nothing should go wrong in order for them to win. Mayweather however has a different trick up his sleeve with his choice of including bikram yoga to his training routine.

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The bikram yoga sessions that Mayweather attends last for 90 minutes. It is said to be made up of the same set of 26 postures and breathing exercises for more efficient breathing. In the three-minute rounds of boxing, being able to breathe properly and supply the body with the oxygen it needs while throwing powerful punches is a must if a boxer wants to stay up on his feet and last all 12-rounds. There is no space for shortness of breath in this aggressive sport, and yoga, as Mayweather sees it, is a great supplement to improve his breathing. Three minutes of intense punch-throwing and just a minute-long break after all requires all the efficiency one has when it comes to breathing to ensure that the boxer doesn’t get dizzy from the lack of oxygen in his system. Endurance training can cover this, but the relaxing yet disciplined methods of yoga can help as well.

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Apart from promoting better breathing, yoga exercises are also known to improve flexibility and balance. The 26 poses are made to challenge the body to achieve the poses in a flexible manner. The poses are often difficult and rather absurd when compared to gym-type exercises, but the final poses require much of a person’s balancing skills and concentration. Yoga exercises are also known to help improve a person’s mental focus and for boxers like Mayweather, keeping their eyes on the prize or perhaps on their plan of attack is crucial for their success. For his yoga sessions, the room temperature is at 40 degrees Celsius with 40% humidity.

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According to Mayweather himself, he believes he can push himself and perform much better with yoga. Bikram yoga which he performs in the heated room allows for muscle relaxation and better stretching. During his yoga sessions, he is joined by his girlfriend Doralee Medina and Iyanna, his daughter.

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