Beginner boxers need an effective training plan in order to become successful in the field of boxing. The body can truly withstand a lot of punches, but only if it is properly trained and gradually adjusted to this new routine. With a boxing plan made especially for beginners, one may develop boxing strategies and learn more effective ways on how to be a great fighter. A basic boxing workout may consist of the following exercises:

  • Jumping rope – Jumping rope is a great cardio exercise which can be used for warming up. It also helps a beginner boxer with his footwork and balance. It can also serve as a kind of endurance test because the repetitive motions can get tiring after a while.

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  • Using punching bags – A boxer may use a heavy bag or a speed bag. A heavy bag may improve the strength of his punches while a speed bag, on the other hand, improves his reflexes and flexibility.

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  • Running – Running is another cardio exercise which can help a boxer warm up and practice being light on his feet.


  • Shadow boxing – With shadow boxing, a boxer can test his speed and improve his movements. Getting used to the movement that boxing has makes the boxer more aware of what it should feel like during an actual fight. It is suggested to shadowbox with weighted gloves to increase arm strength and punching ability.

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  • Sparring – Sparring makes a boxer feel what it’s like to be on the ring, and brings in the real element of having an opponent who fights back instead of bags which just receive his punches. It can be considered as a kind of simulation to prepare the boxer for the real thing.

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Other Elements that Make up a Workout Plan

Here are other more specific factors which should be taken into consideration when training as a beginner boxer:

  • Core exercises – You’ll be getting a lot of punches in the area, and improving your core strength makes you less susceptible to blows. There are many core exercises that boxers can choose from, and being able to withstand the pain of these exercises can help you get used to getting jabs and blows in the ring.
  • Arm exercises – Improving your arm strength correlates to more potential knock outs for your opponent. Pull ups from a straight bar or push ups can help improve your arms. Weight training also helps improve your arm strength and punching abilities. Do not, however, lift more than what is necessary as it may strain your arms pre-fight.

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  • Your diet plan – Your diet also plays an essential role in being a healthy boxer. Eating high-protein foods and even having protein supplements can help your muscles recuperate faster and be stronger in the long run. Making sure it is a balanced diet that reduces your overall water weight can help you develop your lean muscles and overall physique.

With the help of a boxing coach, you can achieve the following things efficiently and find the best boxing routine that can help you out!

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  • Jasper de Zoeten

    I wan to start with boxing but i don’t really know how. The tips and tricks on this site help, but where can i best begin? Is it better to start in a boxingclub or at home? I know there is a boxingclub in my neigberhood.