Boxing is an intense contact sport, and entering this field comes with many pains and potential injuries – especially when you’re just a beginner. There are common aches and pains which are suffered by boxers who are just beginning in the field. This is why it is advised to take things gradually and to allow the body to adjust to the physical exertions that boxing entails. Below are some of the common aches and pains suffered by beginner boxers:

  • Pain and swelling – This is something that the body experiences when it is made to deal with new activities. The muscles become painful and swollen as they adjust to the new movements. Beginners must have proper guidance in order to warm up their bodies and have them gradually get used to the intensity that boxing comes with. A warm up before boxing also helps avoid the boxers from having a sprain.
  • Cuts and bruises – One may get cuts, blisters, and bruises when beginning with boxing. Blisters may result from an improperly fitted glove or new shoes which haven’t been broken in. As soon as sparring begins, one may expect bruises and cuts from getting punched. Cuts near the brows or on the cheekbone area are common, as are cuts near the eyes and on the lips. Bruises may come from the punches received from the opponent and may be anywhere from the head to the torso.
  • Upper extremity pain – The arms are used heavily in boxing, and sore wrists are common when one is only a beginner. Hitting the punching bag puts a lot of strain on the wrists and it takes a little getting used to. The entirety of one’s arm may also be very sore after the first few days of training. Shoulder dislocation is not unknown especially when one hits a punching bag or the opponent at an awkward angle or with too much uncontrolled strength.
  • Lower extremity pain – Boxing also comes with footwork, and ankle pain can also be experienced. The twisting motion and frequent bouncing lightly on one’s feet may result in knee pain as well as ankle discomfort.
  • Physiological pains – After a sparring bout, one may feel lightheadedness or a headache ranging from mild to moderate pain. Being hit in the head after all is not a nice experience. Repetitive blows in the head may later on lead to loss of coordination or even a concussion and enough rest time would be warranted should this be observed in a beginner boxer. Dizziness from sparring bouts may last a few hours after the match itself, and coupled with being hit in the stomach, a beginner boxer may also feel some nausea after the first few days of boxing.

Because of the pains experienced during the early days of boxing, listening to the coach’s advice and taking things gradually can help improve one’s adjustment to this sport. Prevention is always better than cure which is why knowing about these pains can help a boxer be more aware of what to expect and what to avoid during training.

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