Canelo Alvarez

Every boxer dreams to make a name for himself. With the right training and boxing coach, aspiring boxing amateurs can really punch their way to success! Although it may take a lot of time, there are some individuals who are having great starts. Training and fine-tuning your footwork and punches can help you become one of the famous boxers of our time. For some inspiration, here are some young boxing professionals in the making who are known to throw the perfect right hook or that strong undercut that can make other fighters want to work on their techniques harder:

Danny Garcia

  • Saul Alvarez – Thirty-three years young and under the junior middleweight division, he is also known as a redhead Mexican heartthrob who has a wonderful physique and a solid presence when throwing his jabs in the ring.
  • Sergio Martinez – He’s known as a middleweight division champion who might be in line for a fight with a recognized boxer by the name of Miguel Cotto. He has won over several experienced boxers and his agile movements are entertaining to watch.
  • Adonis Stevenson – He won all his matches in 2013 and is currently the WBC light heavyweight champion. He even beat the defending champion Chad Dawson in just one round!
  • Gennady Golovkin – He also won all his fights back in 2013 and is currently defending his IBO and WBA titles.
  • Danny Garcia – At a relatively young age of 25, Danny Garcia is a junior welterweight to watch out for in 2014. He has already performed for a big New York crowd in his professional career.
  • Andre Ward – In 2012, Andre Ward was the fighter of the year and at 29, he is considered as one of the best fighters alongside Mayweather. He won his last U.S. gold medal for boxing and still holds that record.
  • Timothy Bradley – He is a name that keeps on winning, and according to some sports reviews, he may just be the man who might beat the currently undefeated Mayweather. He has had a lot of wins, including the one over Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez.
  • Danny Garcia – He’s another undefeated name with a 27-0 record of wins and losses. Beating everyone in front of him, he has carved out a nice and solid start on his boxing pedestal.
  • Miguel Garcia – The third Garcia on this list, Miguel Garcia is another undefeated champ who has a 33-0 record. This 28-year old Californian boxer is being trained by Robert Garcia, his brother who is a former world champion.

Timothy Bradley

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