Workout Meal

If you are aiming to meet your goal weight or would like to have a balanced diet that can help you achieve lean muscles that you will need for boxing, knowing what to eat before and after working out can be highly beneficial for you! Apart from being able to successfully pull of a good weight management regimen, having a good boxing training diet can supply you with the right amount of energy your body needs so you can have the best performance.

Workout Meal 2

Pre-Workout Meal

You ought to remember to not train with an empty stomach. Food serves as your body’s fuel, and you can perform better when you supplement it with the food it needs! Healthy food will serve as your body’s energy source, so try out the following suggestions for you pre-workout meals:

  • Make sure you drink at least two 44 ounces or two bottles of water two hours prior to your boxing routine. Having enough water in your system prevents cramping while also regulating your body temperature.
  • About an hour before your workout, consume complex carbohydrates such as those you get from whole wheat bread or oatmeal.
  • You should also consume a serving of lean protein. If you don’t have it on hand, you can rely on a good protein shake or protein bars to drink and munch on.
  • As much as possible, avoid fatty foods before you work out. Fatty food will slow down your body’s protein absorption rate, which is counterproductive to lean muscle building.
  • Healthy snacks you can consider include organic peanut butter sandwiches, pears, apples, berries, and whole wheat bread or pasta. These keep your carbs and sugars in a good and healthy level.

Workout Meal 3

Post-Workout Meal

Before moving on to the components of meals you ought to eat after working out, remember to hydrate during training. A good sports drink can help you replace electrolytes and water that you lose as you sweat. After training, eat the following food items to help your body recuperate while giving it the nutrients it needs:

  • Drink water! Do this within the hour after you finish your work out.
  • Around 30 minutes after training, consume some simple carbs matched with a bit of protein. Simple carbs come from fruits like bananas and apples while you can get your protein from lean meat sandwiches made of chicken, turkey, or fish.
  • It is ideal to have your first post-workout meal as a liquid, and then follow it with whole food meals. This allows your body to quickly absorb the lost nutrients, and then gradually take in the whole food items you eat.

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