Former world champion Willy Wise at the Wesbury Boxing Club preparing for the W3P DVD shoot.

Former world champion Willy Wise at the Wesbury Boxing Club preparing for the W3P DVD shoot.

Inside a boxing gym, one of the staple pieces you’ll see being used in a boxing workout is the punching bag. Using a punching bag helps improve your punching power but apart from that, you are also strengthening your core muscles each time you train using a punching bag. Using a punching bag may seem like a no-brainer, and despite how it may seem as if you’re just throwing punches towards something which won’t defend itself, you are actually strengthening some muscles while you’re at it.

Heavy Bag 2

Heavy Bag Hitting – What Does it Do?

  • Strengthens arm muscles – Heavy punching bags need around three to four consecutive hard punches before you see a significant movement from where they originally hung from. Despite the lack of “self-defense” it offers, the weight of heavy punching bags offers the resistance you need to strengthen your arm muscles and improve the power of your punches.
  • Increases your core strength – Since the weight of the heavy punching bags provides resistance, your body makes up for it by absorbing as much shock as it can after you throw your punches. Practicing your footwork and throwing punches towards a heavy bag helps strengthen your core muscle groups. Although it does this indirectly, you will feel a bit of soreness in your core muscles when you finish your heavy bag training routine. The act of resisting the weight and returning swing of the heavy bag makes your body compensate by finding balance from your core, thereby strengthening your muscles in that particular area as well.
  • Improves coordination – Apart from increasing your core strength and making you swing a stronger punch, you can experience improved coordination as well when you practice with the heavy bag. Compared to speed bags, the motion of a heavy punching bag gives you enough time to practice your footwork when expecting the incoming motion of the bag. Anticipating when to best deliver your next jab while staying light on your feet can be achieved through training with a heavy bag.

Heavy Bag

Things to Remember When Undergoing Heavy Bag Training

Using heavy bags is a part of most boxing training routines. To make the most out of it, remember the following tips:

  • Have hand wraps on to protect your knuckles from direct impact on the bag. You can also practice with your wraps and training gloves to be accustomed to the equipment you will be using in the ring.
  • Mind your foot work and stance. A heavy bag would require movement from your end, so make the most out of it by practicing your footwork as you throw your punches.
  • Have the right warm up and cooling down exercising after using the bag to avoid sprains and other physical discomforts while you’re still training.

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