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When you find yourself feeling heavy and lacking the motivation to train, you ought to consider turning up the music to uplift your mood. According to research work published in Harvard Health Publications, listening to music can affect your heartbeat and either rile you up or help calm you down. This is why having a great workout music playlist can help you push past your limits with your boxing workout even when you’re not really feeling it!

How to Choose Music for Boxing

When choosing music for boxing, choose those with an energetic vibe. Something you’d hear in clubs or those used for pop dance moves would be perfect. Dance or party music can give you the motivation you need to get up and get moving. Remember the following tips when choosing music to serve as your motivation to box:

  • Upbeat – Use music which is fast and energetic to get your blood pumping. Dance music can make you feel more elated which, in turn, gets you ready to groove and box!
  • Mind the artist – Is there a particular artist you love listening to? Ask yourself which songs by that artist are great for working out and include them in your playlist.
  • Choose varied tempos – There are fast songs, and there are really fast songs. Choose a wide selection with different tempos so that you can match the music to your workout moves.

Workout Music 3

Using Workout Music

Using music can give you a more consistent workout and can really help set the pace when you hit the gym. Fitness doesn’t have to be boring, and when you listen to workout music, you won’t feel like you’re droning on and on by counting how many reps you’ve already done! Since each song usually lasts about 2-3 minutes, you can use these songs as your timer for each set of moves you have. Sooner rather than later, the exercise and boxing moves will feel like dance steps and you’ll feel more coordinated in the long run as well. Remember the following tips:

  • Warm up with some of the slower songs – Jump rope or jog with a song which is a bit slower. Use it to time how many jumps or laps you’ve done.
  • Use the fastest songs for speed bag punching – Match your speed with the song and the speed with which the bag punches your throw and you’ll feel more fulfilled when you hit the bag on the right beats!
  • Listen to empowering songs when using the punching bag – Find that song which can make you feel more macho or filled with positive attitude and listen to those when using the big bag.

Music Designed for Training

When you can’t seem to find the right set of songs or cannot make your own playlist, you can use the Willy Wise Workout music produced by Nick Fury. It features remixes and energetic songs to help you get your game on and feel more alive when working out! He has produced music for stars like Busta Rhymes and Mary J. Blige, to name a few, and you can use this workout music DVD too! Make sure you enter 5111592 before you check out when you decide to get this workout CD to get it at a discounted price and have more enjoyable workout sessions.

Cover Photo of Theme Track to W3P: Willy Wise Workout - 3 Degrees of Power

Cover Photo of Theme Track to W3P: Willy Wise Workout – 3 Degrees of Power

The theme song to the W3P: Willy Wise Workout – 3 Degrees of Power DVD is entitled”Keep On Punching (Punch It)”. It features the edgy lyrical style of Ander “KT” Taylor and is currently available on iTunes at

You can watch the video to “Keep On Punching (Punch It) here: