Boxing is a serious sport that requires a strict set of rules and guidelines. These guidelines do not just ensure that the sport is played fairly but they also aim to prevent any accidents and serious injuries. And when it comes to each boxer’s safety, having the necessary boxing gear and boxing apparel plays an important role. Whether you’re in it to compete or just to stay fit, you need the right equipment to make each move as effective as possible.

Now remember that the cost is not always an issue when it comes to boxing. Especially if you’re just starting out, there’s no need to get the most expensive equipment in the market.

Boxing vs MMA

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are the most important pieces of equipment that a boxer needs. A great pair of training gloves is recommended as this could be used for mitt work, bag work, or for actual sparring with a partner. Bag gloves are not really a necessity; these could only be used for punching bags but not really for anything else. The weight of your gloves would depend on your body weight as well. The most common sizes range from 10oz to 16oz, but there are lighter gloves that younger boxers could use.


Boxing Hand Wraps

Just because you have gloves does not mean that your hands are protected. You actually need hand wraps to guard your wrists against breaking or spraining. Although hand wraps are usually long and would need to be manually wrapped around the entire wrist and hands, some brands also sell hand wraps that can be slipped on and off instead of manually wrapped.

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Sparring Head Gear

One of the most important things that you should try to guard when sparring is your head. You have definitely heard about the amount of head trauma and brain damage that regular boxers have to endure, and this is something that you should prevent. Remember that these injuries do not happen in a single blow. More often than not, they are products of continuous and rigorous boxing training done through time. Especially when you’re still a beginner and are still unable to guard your body more effectively, keep your head gear on at all times.

Mouth Guard

The mouth guard is important especially if you are training with another beginner. Remember that the head is always the target, and receiving a bad blow right in your mouth could make you lose some teeth and hurt you badly.

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