Boxer Punch

Boxing is a very physical sport, and the fear of getting hurt can get in the way. The fact still remains however, that this is one of the best fitness sports there is out there, which means that somehow, you have got to face your fear of getting punched and just pour your heart out into it. Remember that fear is another constant in this world, but instead of allowing it to get in the way, you can also use it to pull out that adrenalin and perform physical feats that you just didn’t think you were capable of doing before.

Here are a few tips on how you can get over your fear of getting punched and use boxing for self-confidence:

  • Find out where the fear is coming from. Understanding your fear is the first step to help you overcome it. In boxing, there are often two reasons why people are afraid of being punched. It’s either because of the fact that punches hurt really bad, or because you are unable to predict where the punches are coming from and when they’re going to strike. Once you find out where the fear is coming from, you can at least have a starting point on what specific skills you need to improve, such as reflex or endurance.
  • Start at your own level.You may be used to taking big challenges in real life, but inside the ring, you have to limit that brave streak and start from the bottom. Fighting someone who has more experience and is bigger than you are would only make the agony worse. Start with someone your own size and who has the same amount of experience as you have, and start working your way up. This way, the punches will not be as fast, as hard, and as unpredictable.
  • Try slowing down your sparring. Although this is not as advisable for other boxers as it could slow down reflex, those who have a fear of getting punched would benefit greatly from slow sparring. This would allow you to figure out where the hooks, jabs, and other punches are coming from. Start building up and making it faster and faster to allow you to improve on your eyesight and your reflexes. As you progress from slow sparring to a faster pace, you will notice that you could see more details and would therefore be able to block and avoid more punches.
  • Don’t get used to the blows. Some people may tell you that it gets better as you get used to the punches. Yes, it makes you tougher and could heighten your tolerance for pain. However, this also depends on the psychological makeup of a person. Getting beat up each and every time could also cause your ego to take dip after dip, eventually leaving you too psychologically and mentally tired to even focus on improving. This also defeats the purpose of boxing as one of the sports for self-defense. Assess yourself first and make sure you are mentally and emotionally ready for such a challenge.

Hands down, boxing is still one of the best sports for confidence, something that you could gradually develop as you slowly overcome your fears. As long as you have the proper background and have the right boxing equipment and gear, you can slowly master the art of boxing as a sport. Everything that you learn from it, whether you are using boxing for self-defense or for fitness, can be used in overcoming other similar fears that have something to do with other self-defense sports.

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