Floyd Mayweather

Boxing is just like any other sport where it’s not always the skills of the player that’s holding the spotlight. Quite a few boxing champions have had their fair share of controversy as well, with some leaving more lasting imprints of their deeds over their fights in the minds of boxing fans everywhere. Here are some of those controversial boxers:

  • Primo CarneraCalled the “Ambling Alp”, Carnera definitely outsized everybody on the ring, which made him turn into more of a freak show instead of a real boxer during his first few years in the sport. With his slow-moving style, he knocked out Jack Sharkey, one of the boxing greats at the time, which led to a lot of questions. There were also a lot of whisper about him being controlled by the mob.Primo Carnera
  • Abe Attell Known as “The Little Hebrew”, there was no question at all that he had the heart and the talent needed to become a great boxer. His association with organized crime however, made him a magnet for controversy. He was linked to the Black Sox scandal in 1919 and was suspected to fix fights and use drugs during his fights.
  • Jake Lamotta One of the toughest opponents that Sugar Ray Robinson ever faced, the “Raging Bull” admitted to throwing his fight against Bill Fox in 1947. Fans already suspected the fix even before he was knocked out because they detected the lack of his usual spirit inside the ring.
  • Floyd Mayweather Undoubtedly a boxer who loves being splashed all over boxing news, Floyd Mayweather is extremely wealthy and is known for his arrogance. He has served his time in prison for domestic assault, and has also been suspected of kidnapping and assault. His win over Manny Pacquiao made him even more controversial as people frowned on the style he used inside the ring.
  • Ricardo Mayorga Mayorga is not just known as a good boxer, but is also known for being good at belting insults to every opponent that comes his way. This earned him the title of “The Craziest Man in Boxing”.
  • Mike Tyson There is no doubt at all that Mike Tyson is one of the most feared names in boxing, and his head butts and ear-biting made his name even more famous. He has also been involved with the penal system, but has made a promising comeback in recent years in television, on Broadway and with amateur boxing.

Mike Tyson

  • Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali is definitely one of the greatest boxers of all time, and proved that he was not just an athlete, but a cultural icon as well. He showed defiance against the Vietnam War by refusing to be drafted into war.

Despite the controversy that surrounded these boxers, there is no doubt at all that they have always had the talent needed to make it big in the sport. And when you want to focus on talent and skill, you need to have the right fitness training and boxing equipment to have the chance to find yourself among their ranks. Then again, you may only want to jump into boxing for fitness and health.

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