Boxing vs Tae Bo 2Professional boxing may be getting the bulk of the spotlight most of the time, but Olympic boxing also has its own sets of intricacies that could draw the boxing enthusiast in. Don’t let the amateur status fool you, because Olympic boxing training can be just as challenging. The application of boxing fundamentals is still evident, and could pave the way to an even bigger boxing career.

So how do you train like some of the best Olympic boxing champions? Here are a few tips:

  • Work on endurance. Some people think that just because there are only four rounds in Olympic boxing (as opposed to 15 rounds in pro boxing), endurance would not be much of an issue. However, the fact that you can only squeeze in the right amount of action to impress in just four two-minute rounds means that you have to be able to keep up your pace and be ready to go all in the moment the fight starts. Go for around three to four runs every week, each of them averaging around 5 miles. A few laps in the pool won’t hurt either, and the usual jump rope routine also fits in here.
  • Work on reflexes. What sets the best Olympic boxing athletes apart is their reflexes. No matter how impressive your footwork may be, or how powerful your punches are, you would never be able to make it to the top without the ability to avoid punches no matter how surprising they are. Your reflexes will also allow you to throw counterattacks without your opponents sensing it. Some of the most notable champions in boxing history are known for their amazing reflexes as they react to certain situations in a split second.
  • Work on injury prevention. If there’s one thing that can kill an Olympic career in a second, it’s getting boxing injuries that may have long-term effects. Injuries would ultimately hurt not only your Olympic training, but the way you perform as a whole as well. This is why it’s necessary to use boxing equipment properly. You would also have to perfect your form and technique to minimize the risks of injury while in training and in every fight.
  • Work on your goal weight. It’s always a given in boxing that you have to maintain a certain weight not only to qualify for a certain division, but to allow your body to show its full potential during training and within the ring as well. Eating right with plenty of fluids is always the best approach, and never let yourself go and resort to binge dieting because this would only cause your body to crash eventually.

Just remember that boxing champions make it through the ranks because of their deep commitment to the amount of training they go through. It’s your spirit that’s going to take you places, and would make your training even more effective.

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