Former world champion Willy Wise is set to release W3P: Willy Wise Workout – 3 Degrees of Power DVD which promotes high intensity boxing training, technique and skill. Since 2010, Wise Choice Boxing Training and Fitness has trained hundreds of people to condition their bodies and lose weight and now Willy Wise weds technology, media and his popular training methodology.

W3P: Willy Wise Workout - 3 Degrees of Power will be released late summer 2015 on Amazon and on the website.

W3P: Willy Wise Workout – 3 Degrees of Power will be released late summer 2015 on Amazon and on the website.Exmore, VA (PRWEB) July 07, 2015

Former world champion boxer Willy Wise today announced the late summer 2015 release of his boxing training fitness DVD, W3P: Willy Wise Workout – 3 Degrees of Power.

“The question that is most asked is, “What does W3P stand for?” W3P has two meanings, the first one is obvious. The “Willy Wise Workout” is comprised of three “W’s” or W to the third power. The second emphasizes the three levels of intensity of the training regimen. It can be as high intensity as the participant needs, but it also meets them right where they are even if they have never worked out before the moment they hit the “play” button”, said Wise, who retired in 2003 after nearly twenty years in the professional ring.

Real Life Training Experience on Video

Since 2010, Wise has trained hundreds of people in his fitness gym, located in the quiet resort community of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Each week, dozens of fiercely loyal clients visit him to lose weight and get in shape. “Walked in and in one week lost 11 lbs,” said one client in a review on the “Wise Choice Boxing Training & Fitness” Facebook page. The well-trafficked page has a 4.6 star rating on the social media site and has dozens of reviews from satisfied customers. “I wanted to share some of the fun and enthusiasm that people enjoy in the gym with me, said Wise, with the public who can’t come to the gym. Although, I would love for everyone to come see me in person and get the real thing”.

One of the most interesting features of the DVD which was shot on-location in Wise’s “intentionally old school” gym is the similar authenticity of the video training experience. Wise laces real boxing technique and training tips throughout the video so that the participant can be just as the W3P slogan suggests: an aspiring professional boxer in training or someone who just wants to “look like one”: “This is the way that I (Wise) and many of the champions of boxing’s greatest generations trained, no-frills, hard-work and lots of sweat. For the hard-core fitness enthusiast, that’s where we find the fun.”

Wise believes that there are too many “boxing style” workout programs that are not focusing on actual boxing technique but are well staged cardio workouts.

“It’s not called the sweet science for nothing. For people who constantly take blows to the head, boxing requires mental fortitude and strategic thinking. It’s not just about throwing punches it’s about knowing how to throw punches. The good thing is, the people watching the video aren’t actually getting hit, they just get the skill and conditioning part,” said the veteran fighter. W3P focuses on proper technique, endurance, strength as well as cardio.

The late summer release will mark the official launch of several W3P products that include the DVD, signature water and apparel. There are plans to release an accompanying app in late 2015. The official release event will be held on Long Island, the place from which Wise fought for his entire professional career: “We’re trying to schedule it for the Hamptons on Labor Day Weekend, but securing a location on such a prime weekend has been proving to be more than a notion for months now. I’m certain we’re going to make it happen, though.”

The DVD will be available for digital download on Amazon as well as on the Wise Choice Boxing website at

“As fall arrives, people will still need to stay in summer condition and maintain those physiques,” says Wise. “Starting Labor Day Weekend, they’ll be able to work out with me, right at home.”

  • Ernest Washington

    Monday afternoon the wait was over …Mr Wise hand delivered my W3P
    DVD and I was truly excited ! No sooner than he drove off I pushed my coffee
    table aside and popped it in. The workmanship and quality were spot on , and
    by the 3rd round I realized I wasn’t in as good of shape as I previously thought lol.
    “What a workout” …. but well worth every penny. And like Mr Wise stated … ” W3P
    is an investment in yourself” .

    Thank you and your entire team so much !!