W3P DVD Cover - Final - Cropped

EXMORE, VA – September 7, 2015 Following a good showing in pre-release sales this summer, W3P: Willy Wise Workout – 3 Degrees of Power was officially released today. The 45 minute DVD has been met with strong reviews from pre-release purchasers who have been using the boxing technique workout to condition, train and lose weight. “I pushed my coffee table aside and popped it in. The workmanship and quality were spot on , and by the 3rd round I realized I wasn’t in as good of shape as I previously thought lol. “What a workout” …. but well worth every penny. And like Mr (Willy) Wise stated … ” W3P is an investment in yourself” . Thank you and your entire team so much !!” E. Washington

W3P DVD is the third product to be released under the W3P brand, which also includes exercise apparel and water. The parent company, Wise Choice Boxing Training & Fitness has plans to release an accompanying exercise and meal plan app in early 2016 to go along with the DVD. The first full service location is scheduled to open in summer 2016 and will feature state of the art equipment, a heavy bag cage and multiple fitness classes by skilled fitness trainers throughout the day. All of the W3P products will be available in the location as well as online.

Probably one of the most interesting features of this DVD is the music. The music for the DVD was scored by multi-platinum super producer Nick Fury and co-produced by brothers Fadale and Frisco Northan of Atlanta. The DVD leads with, “Keep On Punching”, the theme track on which local artist Ander Taylor, performs the lyrics.

Cover Photo of Theme Track to W3P: Willy Wise Workout - 3 Degrees of Power

Cover Photo of Theme Track to W3P: Willy Wise Workout – 3 Degrees of Power

The DVD is available for digital download on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/W3P-Willy-Workout-Degrees-Power/dp/B011JB7BS2