“Some people workout, I train”. For more than 30 years, this has been the mantra of world champion, Willy Wise. As a youngster, he was one of boxing’s rising stars out of the New York region. He retired in 2003 after nearly 20 years as a professional boxer and more than five as a world-class amateur fighter.

After retirement, Wise bowed out of boxing for a while instead opting to quietly settle into life outside of the ring. Eventually however, although his passion for the ring was no more, his love for training still endured. Over time, he began to train other young prospective athletes with hopes of success on fields, courts, rings and even military careers. Soon, he realized that he had found a new passion, that of helping other people to accomplish their goals through physical fitness.

In 2010, he forged a key business relationship and formed Wise Choice Boxing Training and Fitness. Initially, as with many former professional boxers the focus was on training aspiring young boxers in a gym environment. Yet, as much as he enjoyed working with young athletes, Wise found that he really enjoyed working with everyday people to assist them in realizing their goal of being in good physical condition.

The more he worked with clients in his small boxing fitness center located on the pristine shores of coastal Virginia, the more he began to identify the products that would prove beneficial to their progress toward good health. By 2012, the company had forged new strategic alliances to market water, apparel and equipment. “Every product that we tested sold extremely well. The clothing line started selling beyond our ability to keep up with the orders so we had to curtail the test market phase in order to ramp up for full scale launch”, said Wise.

In 2013, Wise Choice Boxing launched its premium brand W³P, a namesake acronym for “Willy Wise Workout: 3 Degrees of Power”. Vice President of business development and brand management Ava Gabrielle-Wise says that the company is poised to become a leader in all things fitness with a specific niche in boxing. “First thing we had to do after executing the supply and distribution agreements was revamp the Wise Choice Boxing website in order to be able to effectively promote and market our multiple product lines. It’s almost impossible in this day and age to launch any new product without a strong social media infrastructure.”

The management team of Wise Choice Boxing has the tools to make the W³P initiative a success. Gabrielle-Wise brings a wealth of experience to the Wise Choice table. Having served in a wide array of public and private sector positions in executive management, Gabrielle-Wise has worked as a primary consultant/advisor to two sitting members of Congress, Senior real estate manager for a commercial real estate company in midtown Manhattan and a petroleum marketing company for Shell and Conoco. Prior to founding her own development consulting firm she worked as the youngest economic development director in Jefferson County, located in the Birmingham region of Alabama. In addition to selling her own media brand, Blaze Television Network to a similarly named major media conglomerate in 2012, she has raised millions of dollars for real estate development projects and other community development activities.


Gabrielle-Wise sees W³P as a refreshing new challenge. “The fitness industry is a growth industry, with more than $21.4 billion in revenue, largely driven by fitness center memberships. Additionally however, those 51 million people drink water, wear clothing and accessorize those fitness experiences,” she said. Gabrielle-Wise also draws upon the wealth of knowledge and credentials that is found within her own circle of children. “Two of my daughters and a son-in-law have post-secondary degrees biology/chemistry, and exercise science. One of my daughters competed at the national collegiate level in track and field and her son’s father is a former world class track and field competitor as well. I don’t have to go far to find out if we’re going in the right direction,” said Gabrielle-Wise.


Technology is a major component of the W³P business model. In late 2013, Wise filmed his first boxing fitness DVD under the W³P brand. He will film follow up DVD in the summer of 2014. The company will release the W³P boxing fitness video game in late 2014 and plans to open its first state of the art high-tech fitness center are scheduled for early 2015.