Franchise Opportunities
Boxing Fitness is the fastest growing fitness method in the world of fitness today. The high-intensity, individual contact, and the ability to quickly realize results when setting goals to condition the body are all reasons for the millions of people who are flooding to boxing gyms and boxing fitness centers around the world. As a stress reliever, properly used boxing technique can also assist with conditioning the mind as well.

Yet, it is that proper use of the technique that is vital to having the best experience. Men, women, boys and girls alike enjoy the rigorous workout of Wise Choice Boxing Training & Fitness. For as little as $5 per day, you can gain the insight into the workout regimen of a professional boxer, as the Wise Choice facilities and program were designed by a former world champion boxer.

Personal training, apparel and even Wise Choice's signature workout equipment are also available.


For the small less experienced operator who is interested in developing one location at time. The Wise Choice team will assist with every phase of the process, including site and staff identification.


Once the operator is comfortable with the Wise Choice business model, the option of developing more than one site may be extended. This will allow the operators to quickly increase profitability commensurate with scale.

Regional Development

If it's entire region that interests you, Wise Choice Boxing offers the option of area development to very select operators.

International Development

Experienced operators who are interested in developing the Wise Choice model in markets abroad, the option is available.
The total investment cost to start a single Wise Choice location ranges from $125,000 - $150,000 including fees and working capital. Our franchise fee is $20,000. Wise Choice Boxing will provide the following assistance:
  • Site Identification
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Floor plan Design
  • Build your gym
  • Staff Identification
  • Staff Development
  • Owner/Operator Training and Development
  • Royalties are 5% of annual gross revenue
National ad fund contribution is 1% of annual gross revenue

Generations of Boxing Wisdom, Packaged for the Person of Passion for Boxing and Business

A 3rd generation boxer, (his grandfather and an uncle had boxed in the military), Willy Wise always knew that boxing would be his chosen profession. He was 4 years old when his uncles put the first pair of gloves on his hands. It was love at first punch. "In middle school, I dreamed that I won two belts, a green one and a red one. It took more than 20 years, but when it was all said and done, I finished my career having traveled all over the world, winning nearly ten times as many amateur fights and three times as many professional fights as I had lost in nearly 200 combined bouts. Not to mention the New York State Championship, which is the red belt and an IBO World Champion Title, which is the green belt."

After boxing, Willy began to share the knowledge that had been passed down to him to other young aspiring boxers. He relished in the fact that it kept him in top physical shape and in touch with the sport that he loved so much.

What he had not anticipated was how much pleasure he would get from training those who were looking for the ultimate fitness experience. "I don't know which one I prefer, boxing or boxing fitness training." Wise Choice Boxing Training & Fitness is a labor of love that gives others the same sense of accomplishment that he once enjoyed. Today, the company is looking for others who would like to have the same positive impact on others.

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